16. 12. 2013.

How Are Fashion Trends In The UK Evolving?

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving and it is one of the most flexible industries in the world. The UK especially London is a hub for fashion and many trends have formed there. Styles rise and fall and what is deemed "cool" does also.
There are many students who walk along the streets sporting a style that is all their own and this is refreshing to see. This ranges from the brilliant to the bizarre and too many is viewed as strange, to me it is incredible and diverse. Perceptions of fashion change with the fashions themselves and this article will highlight where the future of fashion in the UK lies.


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The More Bizarre

Fashion is becoming progressively strange in the UK, that's not to say it is a bad thing. People are becoming much more willing to push the boundaries and break the conventional moulds. London is a hub for fashion and that has resulted in the styles present changing dramatically over the years.
If you are into fashion you will realize that it is extremely difficult to create a style that sticks. The high street stores are in constant competition with one another and that has resulted in a lot of duplication and a rise in popularity of the more premium high street stores such as All Saints and Urban Outfitters.
There are companies online such as J-Bees that offer great urban clothing for affordable prices. It is not difficult to find cool clothing online but you just have to be willing to shop around. Moreover the rise of the vintage shop has meant that people are struggling perfect their style and many get stuck in limbo.
The future is going to get more daring and more bizarre, it is not uncommon nowadays to see someone walking around with a cape on or just a bikini.


Return the Past

People are constantly returning to the part in regards to fashion. The rise of the vintage store has owed to this greatly. 5 years ago nobody would even have considered buying used clothes, now it is much more common to dress in this way. Again this isn't a bad thing and it is very good for the environment however the vintage look is becoming far too popular and is almost the new mainstream.
For the true hipsters out there that will be something that deeply hurts them, this used to be their territory and theirs only. There is much competition and with the rise of fashion degrees in London particularly people are starting to recognize the potential for coolness by dressing in such vintage clothes.


Charity Shopping

This is another recent craze that has led to the number of people wearing their old grandmas frocks increase. Charity stores are a great thing and they have a great purpose and I have no qualms with the young people who shop their in order to find something different to the high street and the new style vintage stores.
I feel this is where the future of UK fashion lies and more and more people are looking towards charity stores for a bargain that nobody else will be wearing; you can easily perfect a style here at a fraction of the cost of a high street brand. It is an innovative and interesting way to make the best of you budget and style ideas.
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Andrew is an author with a love for fashion, he has over 10 years industry experience and is a huge fan of indie music. He fears that fashion is changing too much and the indie image is being lost.

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